Thanks to our POS terminals cash-free payment has never been simpler!

Whether it be customer service or any other branch of the industry, a card terminal is necessary these days. If you feel like your company needs something along these lines you should contact us to get your own POS terminal.

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Cybersafe bank card terminals

Novopayment offers every company a stable bank card terminal that meets the highest of security regulations.

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Bank-Independent POS terminals

Novopayment’s bank-independent POS terminals can accept all types of regular bank and credit cards, and they can also process SZÉP card payments. Moreover we provide centralized invoices for all cards.

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Fast POS claims

To install our POS bank card terminals you only need to plug the device in and you can already accept your customers’ card payments. Every POS transaction will appear on your account within 2 buniess days.

Why Novopayment?

We have been working together with Europe’s largest financial service providers, so that we can give each company an individual solution to make card payments on POS bank card terminals as dependable and fast as possible.

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Fast, stable POS terminals

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SZÉP card acceptance

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No loyalty period

Ask for a price quote!

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Novopayment: get your own bank card POS terminal

regardless of your company’s size

Amongst Novopayment’s partners, you can find Europe’s largest financial service providers, like Maestro, Visa, V PAY, Apple Pay, and Alipay.

Through our bank card reading POS terminals not only can you get our and our partners’ card payment methods individually, but combined as well, this way we can ensure that the solution is customized according to your company’s needs. No matter what sector we’re talking about we can provide every company with fast and effective cash-free POS terminal payments.

How important is it for a company to have

bank card reading POS terminals?

It has become necessary when it comes to the trading world to be able to accept bank card and SZÉP card payments, whether we’re talking about a family-owned business or a hotel chain that can be found all around the world. It will always be an expectation from customers to be able to pay with a bank card for your company’s goods or services. To be successful in customer service you will need to provide a comfortable and fast payment method for your clients. By claiming and using a Novopayment POS terminal you can raise customer satisfaction as well. They are incredibly easy to install, as they are immediately ready for use after being connected to a power source and you can accept any credit, bank, or SZÉP card payments.

If you want to provide the most comfortable bank card payment methods for your customers then you won’t be disappointed by Novopayment’s bank card POS terminals! Get in contact with us and ensure your enterprise’s success by claiming one of our most modern POS terminals!

What advantages does having a bank-Independent

POS card reading terminal from Novopayment provide?

Wide range of online payment methods with independent POS terminals

In case of a POS terminal payment, you will be able to accept bank and credit cards regardless of the bank. In fact, with Novopayment’s card terminals you can even provide SZÉP card payment as an option for your customers. This way they can get your company’s products much more easily, allowing more room for impulse purchases.

Quick POS terminal claim and installment

Novopayment offers state-of-the-art POS terminals: to install our credit card readers, simply plug in the device and they will be up and running, providing your business the ability to accept both bank and SZÉP cards. You can also expect your account to be credited within 2 working days of each card payment.

Safe card payment methods at every Novopayment terminal

Novopayment takes safe card payments seriously. Every POS bank card terminal of ours meets the highest cybersecurity regulations.

Constantly available helpline

If any issue would arise you wouldn’t have to worry about not getting an answer for days. Our dependable helpline is available 24/7 and will solve the problem with the bank card payment system within 24 hours.

Clear POS bank card terminal transactions

Novopayment also has an online portal where you can check all transactions, profits and transactions made through the POS bank card terminal in one place.