Setting up an online card payment option for your enterprise

Simple, clear and modern online payment methods for your company. With our reliable online card payment methods your clients will be satisfied.

Wide range of online payment methods

We accept all bank and credit cards on the same platform, however we also support several mobile and country-specific online payment methods.

Safe online payment

Novopayment offers bank card payment methods that meet the highest of security regulations and include the most effective scam preventing solutions.

Easy integration and introduction

Easy-to use and user-friendly online bank card payment options

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Easy connection


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Up-to-date and fast

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Flexible and modular design

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More than 90 accepted currencies

Get live even in 5 minutes!

Direct integration and ready to use plugins for the most common webshop systems and providers.

JSON API for custom integrations.

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Novopayment: online payment methods for companies of all sizes

Novopayment has been successfully working together with Europe’s largest online financial providers for years.

We can offer our and our partners’ bank card payment methods individually or combined so that you get the best possible solution for your needs. This way we can guarantee that no matter the size of the business, we can offer innovative commerce services, both for small family businesses and multinational companies that work all around the globe.

Accepting online bank card payments is almost completely necessary disregarding a few exceptions when it comes to the commerce field, but when it comes to online webshops they are mandatory. Novopayment supports a few of the most well-known webshop systems with ready-to-use software modules, so-called plugins, this way after installation the new payment methods are immediately available in the online store.

Discover the new possibilities hidden in e-commerce with Novopayment’s system! For a successful webshop, it’s necessary to have clear and safe payment options.

Why should you choose Novopayment’s

online bank card payment options?

A wide range of online payment options

When it comes to bank card payments we accept all bank and credit cards within the same platform, regardless of your customer’s means of payment. This way they can buy your company’s goods or services more easily online. Besides this we also accept several types of mobile payments.

Online card payment with several types of currency (DCC)

Thanks to Novopayment’s dynamic currency exchange your customers from abroad can pay in their own currency on your webshop, no matter where they are in the world. Not only is this more comfortable for your international customers. but when someone pays with dynamic currency exchange in your online store that makes it easier when it comes to reports as well.

With Novopayment’s installed online payment methods your customers will be able to pay in more than 90 currencies and we will be able to provide a refund in 23 of them.

Webshop payment methods that can easily be installed

Novopayment works with pre-written free plugins. We only use the most up-to-date and most dependable technologies available, so that you can install our newest payment methods on your webshop as fast as possible. The actual integration can be done within a few hours and you can already accept orders from customers.

Online payment methods with a modular design

The online payment methods offered by Novopayment are modular, therefore allowing you to adjust our systems to your and your customer’s liking right after installation.

Customer helpline available 24/7

Novopayment’s trusted helpline is available all day every day, so you can always depend on our professional team’s help. Our Helpdesk will solve any problems after them being reported within 24 hours, which will ensure your store’s uninterrupted service time.

Individually designed online bank card payment methods

Among our partners you can find the largest financial service providers, like Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay. If you ask for a price quote we can give you an individualized package for your company. Thanks to our flexible system you can combine our partners’ online payment methods to make the payment process as easy as possible.