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Innovative financial solutions for your enterprise. You can find both modern electronic payments and card payments among our services.

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Secure online payment methods

Novopayment offers the most effective fraud preventative methods when it comes to cybersecurity: our bank card POS terminals and online payment options meet the highest security regulations.

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Wide range of bank cards and SZÉP card accepted

Our payment solutions are able to accept all types of bank and credit cards and our independent POS terminals are able to handle SZÉP cards as well.

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Bank card terminals and online payment methods

Novopayment functions with read-to-use, free plugins. This way you will be able to accept online card payments within minutes in your online store. Our card reading terminals only need to be turned on to function.

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Bank card POS terminal application

Bank card payments have become a basic need in every part of the commerce industry. With our independent bank card POS terminals you can make the process of payment much easier!

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Online bank card payment methods

When it comes to running a webshop it is necessary to have the option of online card payment: with Novopayment’s solutions you can accept payment from anywhere, in more than 90 currencies!

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About us

Novopayment has been working with Europe’s largest financial service providers for years, to provide individual solutions for each enterprise when it comes to accepting online and bank card payments.

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More advantages to Novopayment’s bank card and electronic payments: dependable, flexible systems for all enterprises

Clear POS card reading terminal and online bank card transactions

Novopayment also has its own customer portal where you can check all transactions of your business. The data updates after each transaction and gives you a great base for tracking and reports.

The bank card and electronic payment methods can be adapted to your liking

Thanks to Novopayment’s and their partners’ modular design you can freely adjust the online bank card payments according to your and your customer’s needs.

Fast and safe invoices through the POS terminals and in case of online payments

In the case of online bank card payments, your transactions can get to your company’s account in as few as 3 business days and when it comes to transactions done through POS terminals it can be as short as 1-2 business days.

Dynamic currency exchange (DCC)

With Novopayment’s electronic payment methods, you can accept the most widely used bank and credit cards and with our POS terminals, you can even make paying with a SZÉP card available in your store. Besides this, thanks to the online dynamic currency exchange you can accept payment in more than 90 currencies and you will be able to do refunds in 23 of them, which is a huge plus when it comes to internationally functioning webshops.

More traffic thanks to the comfortable and fast bank card and electronic payment methods

By accepting bank cards and SZÉP cards you can make the payment process much more practical for your customers, which can increase the amount of times someone impulse buys from you. The faster and safer the payment is at your company the more likely people will be to purchase from you. With Novopayment’s bank card POS terminals and online payment methods, you can achieve this easily.

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